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Then I got a text the next day that said something like, ''.So that made it clear he was interested romantically. Then we hung out after school a few times, and then he took me out on a very nice kind of elaborate date." Amy: "After some time, I looked at my Facebook and saw that he wrote me a message saying something like ''.Although he’s almost always late, it’s usually through no fault of his own.To me, he seems a lot more mature than all of the Americans I’ve dated.I was literally standing next to him for like 15 minutes before he actually said something.Once he found out I was from the States, he immediately began speaking English, overjoyed that he now knew someone to help him with it." Singles aren’t limited to meeting in clubs or bars though.

He doesn’t give empty promises when he says something, he actually does it.

I saw him from across the room and thought he was really cute.

So I made my girls keep moving closer and closer to him.

For instance, if you want to say that you’re dating someone, as in boyfriend/girlfriend, you’d say .

Of course, there are Spaniards everywhere in Spain.

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Let four female and two male expats aged 18–32 years old who dated Spaniards to give you the ups, the downs, the dos and the don’ts.

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