"But the heartbreaking thing to me is to see that the younger you go, the more acceptable porn is, the younger you go the more watched the porn, the younger you go the less porn is a moral issue or sin or outside God's loving plan for us." Another finding is that many more young females are using porn than older women.

Thirty-three percent of females 13 to 24 years old seek out porn at least once a month. And the Church is woefully unprepared to fight back.

The Committee stated that existing criminal laws, many of which pre-date the advent of social media, were “generally appropriate” to deal with instances of revenge porn, trolling, cyber-bullying and other online offences.

The Committee highlighted the powers of the criminal authorities to pursue prosecutions under various statutes including the Protection from Harassment Act 1977, the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and the Communications Act 2003.

Only 7 percent of churches have any program to help members deal with pornography.

Josh Mc Dowell Ministries and Covenant Eyes are now organizing a conference in Fayettteville, North Carolina, called the Set Free Global Summit.

Civil remedies Revenge porn and similar online harassment can be addressed, with or without the civil courts’ assistance.Responsible search engines and websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have Terms of Use which are intended to stop online harassment, pornography and publication of other offensive material.Because these search engines and websites are based in the US, it is sometimes difficult to make direct contact with relevant compliance personnel responsible for overseeing use of their websites.Revenge porn arises when persons, often ex-partners, post sexually explicit pictures and videos on websites and social media networks to try to embarrass and humiliate the ex-partner following a break-up.We have addressed the question of online abuse and harassment in a previous blog – “” Criminal offences The House of Lords Committee came to the view that it was not necessary to change the law to deal with this on-going problem.

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