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The result is exactly what we should expect if birth order affects personality.Despite the adage that opposites attract, people tend to resemble their spouses in terms of personality.Perhaps more telling, family size is associated with many important social factors, such as ethnicity, education and wealth.For example, wealthier, better-educated parents typically have fewer children.

In 2009 my colleagues and I published evidence that birth order influences whom we choose as friends and spouses.

WHEN I TELL PEOPLE I study whether birth order affects personality, I usually get blank looks. Newspapers and morning news shows debate the importance of the latest findings (“Latter-born children engage in more risky behavior; what should parents do?

Popular books invoke birth order for self-discovery, relationship tips, business advice and parenting guidance in titles such as (Revell, 2009).

Support from friends, other family members and the church or synagogue can help too.

But if family members are still overwhelmed and having problems, it may be time to consult an expert.

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”) while tossing in savory anecdotes (“Did you know that 21 of the first 23 astronauts into space were firstborns? But when scientists scrutinized the data, they found that the evidence just did not hold up.

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