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In addition to feeling pleased about the compliment, is there any other feeling you are likely to have as well? You are not afraid of the sufferings and sorrows of other people, even when they are acted out in unappealing ways.

Beneath even defensiveness and self-righteous behaviour, you know that deep down people need nurturing and consolation.

Elected officials, media, and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn more about homelessness in our area and hear perspectives from service providers and those who have experienced homelessness.

You will then spend one night either sleeping in a local shelter or outside with nothing more than a sleeping bag and cardboard box.: The Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness is seeking a candidate to fill a half-time position in our Lansing office to assist in Michigan's Campaign to End Homelessness by helping provide services that will increase other indivuduals' self-sufficiency in the area of income and life skills.

This means you can be slow to warm up to other people, which is difficult because what you most need from them is their warmth.

Yet you know how to be vulnerable: to let down your defences and accept that you need another person.

It will help you not only identify whether your relationships are destructive, but in what way they are destructive. " By Leslie Vernick (Harvest House Publishers, 2007).

Adapted with permission from "The Emotionally Destructive Relationship: Seeing It!

For Tenderness: Being affirmed and nurtured by others is a central requirement for you to feel safe.The core of this is your ability to hold together the big goals and the daily efforts.Where other people’s hopes collapse when they encounter the tedium of the journey, you keep coming back.Partisanship is actually your strength: you stay on someone’s side for more than intellectual reasons – because they feel like a part of who you are.For Loyalty: You like clarity and intelligent simplicity and you get frustrated at messy thinking.

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