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Even so the goodbyes each holiday season were painful tearful affairs for both of us.I saw Michelle and Lori constantly as we all attended the same university and Michelle and Lori were getting agribusiness degrees with a minor in public relations.Our friends requested my wife and I to write their story...

I really did not mind because they were my very good friends as well and have been for a number of years.I only saw Cindy four more times during our university years, each time only during the Christmas holidays.She was on a fast track to earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees in investment counseling in four years so she did not come home for Spring Breaks or for the summers being in summer school.We seriously discussed about getting married after college and as our senior year drew to a close there many intense serious discussions of our future, our plans and with that an unacknowledged and unacceptable realization that our path together was to part.We had a traumatic and painful breakup when she decided to go to a university that had an outstanding business/financial department in another state and I to a university with an top ranked agriculture department for I was to manage the ranch after graduation while my parents retired and went traveling.

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Both of them looked at me with sparkling eyes and I leaned in and kiss Michelle deeply, kissed her with an intent that she knew I was serious and not the playful kissing that had occurred for years.

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