Russian woman nude whale dive

Lawrence River once ­required chartering a helicopter or fishing boat from Îles-de-la-Madeleine, ­Quebec.Since 2014, polar operator Arctic Kingdom has run private expeditions to the Magdalen Islands, ice permitting — but you’ll still need to get creative to snag an up-close portrait.Those who venture to and under the ice see what no other diver will. Get past freeze-proof gear and under-ice protocol, and winter diving packs a trippy reality found nowhere else.This past winter, Lake Huron, home to Fathom Five National Marine Park, never froze solid.

Pro led by the Great photographer, Viktor Lyagushkin, Russian National Geographic Photographer, Nikon Official Photographer and Subal Team Photographer.

Dive Now: Arctic Kingdom treks to Baffin Island only in May, when the floe edge acts like the watering holes of the African grass plains — in this case, beckoning bowhead whales, ring seals and possibly belugas and narwhals.

Conception Bay off the Canadian island of Newfoundland is a sacred spot.

When journalists asked Marilyn Monroe in 1952, “What do you wear when you go to bed? Natalia Avseenko is another beautiful woman who wears approximately the same outfit as Marilyn did, but only when she’s going to dive.

Natalia has only replaced Chanel No 5 by a more convenient grease to protect her skin against cold injury in the extreme dive conditions. She dives completely naked in waters with a temperature of –2C.

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Most polar-plunge seekers passed, unable to tote gear by sled or car across the lake. He’d been dreaming of ice ­diving the park’s famed ­119-foot Sweepstakes schooner, sunk in 20 feet.

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