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Note that the absolutely essential calling convention type is not specified! At least the MSDN documentation online is up-to-date. For example, wouldn't it make sense to tell how to free such pages?Note also that the input length is a ULONG, not the expected SIZE_T. Perhaps a hyperlink to what might be the corresponding function, Free User Physical Pages?NOTE: DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH Heap Alloc, WHICH IS DIFFERENT!The Allocate Heap API describing what should be a typedef to a function.Does not state if there is any guaranteed sequencing, or that shared accesses can indefinitely starve exclusive requests, or what.From inspection of the code: This is a spin lock with no kernel call involved.Therefore, it should not be used to lock a region for any significant length of time.

That way, we know we can ignore its existence, instead of wondering why it is not documented and whether or not we should be writing it out.

The pe New field is described as Specifies an array of PALETTEENTRY structures, of size b Num Entries.

The correct documentation is This array contains the number of PALETTEENTRY structures specified as b Num Entries, or, if b Num Entries is 0, the array will contain 256 PALETTEENTRY structures.

The documentation for AVISTREAMHEADER appears to be missing from the VS2008 documentation. For example, the AVISTREAMHEADER structure is 64 bytes long.

The 'strh' data structure is said by the (non-VS2008) AVI documentation as having its data element "consists of of an AVISTREAMHEADER structure" But this is not correct. The cb field is specified as counting the number of bytes not including the 'strh' (FOURCC fcc) and length (DWORD cb) fields, which is consistent with the layout of the RIFF chunk.

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