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Riccar and Caylinn: The First Gifted (abandoned) - 2013 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Best Action/Adventure) More tales of Riccar and Caylinn, and their quest for the Soul Fusion spell. Mainly original characters Riccar/Caylinn, but will have hints of Richard/Kahlan. This will also be acting as a lead-in to Consequences.: an AU-1x15 CONVERSION storyline1. AU Thanks to Emma for the awesome cover art."Hey, is there any chance that smoking wife of yours is going to come hunting for me too?

Silk and Sand (complete) - After discovering the inner storm of the Con Dar within, Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor, is captured and separated from her Seeker. " Kate slows in her walk around the corner at the sound of the familiar voice, dulling the sharp click of her heels on the concrete, steeling herself and channeling every ounce of patience she has left to deal with Ethan Slaughter a second time around. Katherine Beckett is the city's most influential women's self help journalist. NYPD Officer Kate Beckett had no idea the simple act of saving a man's life could affect her life in such profound ways.

There's Always A Story (in progress) - "There's always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense." A collection of unrelated one shots, ficlets, and/or drabbles. There's Always A Story: Under The Covers (in progress) - M-Rated Companion to "There's Always A Story"3. Jurassic Island (complete) - This wasn't the tropical getaway they were expecting. I went with both and made it as fluffy as possible when there's an emergency room involved.

It's your last chance before you go serious Stanford on us." - A Caskett AU.'She's fairly certain she's no one's mother. Prompted at castlefanficprompts for 8x12, "The Blame Game", thus spoilers: What if Kate were injured, or pregnant, during this episode?

In Silence - 2013 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Best Canon) Richard confronts Kahlan after his rescue from the clutches of the Mord'Sith Denna. Persian Nights (complete) - Sequel to my ONE-SHOT I Know You. The idea for this one got started after I read the comments of bellathedisenchanted. AU where Kate Beckett has a daughter from a drunken one night stand in Las Vegas on her way home from Stanford.

Written in honor of the "birthday" of Legend of the Seeker. Solstice Miracle - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Portrayal - Richard) - Set after THE DAY FOR FATHERS; The Cypher-Amnells celebrate the Winter Solstice. Caving In - ONE-SHOT; In the cave, temptation takes hold, and an offer made by Richard is hard to refuse. Three Wishes - 2013 LOTSEEKER AWARD Nominee (Best Humor/Crack) Richard finds a leprechaun and is granted three wishes.16. I Know You - ONE-SHOT; Sequel to You Did Not Know Me, but this time from Tamina's POV.3. But she was even less prepared to see Richard Castle again after a summer of silence.' Set late in the summer, post season 2.

Unintended Consequences (complete) - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD 1st Place Winner (BEST AU) - Kahlan relented to her duties and returned to Aydindril after the events of MARKED 2x01 . Soul Fusion (complete) - 2012 LOTSEEKER AWARD 1st Pace Winner (BEST ROMANCE) - Sequel to Unintended Consequences. *2015 Winter Castle Ficathon*Kate had spent weeks convincing herself that casual sex with Castle would keep her heart from getting involved, but when Castle comes over on an emotional night, it's difficult to remember where casual ends and more begins. When Special Agent Kate Beckett is offered an interview for a Secret Service position at the White House she didn't know what to expect, but even less than the position as personal protection for the first daughter, she never expected him. Again.' AU to 4x23, Always.'After her mother's death, after her father's dark descent into the bottle, the need for something light, something that wasn't stained in grief had become her lifeline.' A detour in Kate's journey to becoming a detective leads to a life changing meeting. His cologne filled her nostrils and his hands seemed to be everywhere at once, claiming her if she wasn't mistaken. Complete."No matter what you do, no matter the obstacles that arise or the mistakes either of us make, I'll never be able to give up on us." After nearly two years apart, Castle and Beckett attempt to find their way back home in time for the holiday season. His act of bravery sparks a complicated love with her daughter, and a totally different life and career path for Kate Beckett.

Richard and Kahlan reunite five months later, but things have changed that may destroy their love. Zedd warned them about the effects of the Soul Fusion spell, but Richard and Kahlan did not heed his warnings. Because although Johanna lived, someone out there still wants her dead, and as the years go by, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are determined to find out who.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet."The words of William Shakespeare summed up the meaning behind names very well. The Return (complete) - They'd been stranded on an island for almost 5 months, and now it's time to go home... Rating warning for the final chapter, which is mildly M."Toddlers, Beckett reflects, require tamed to become human. Another insane venture into the Cool for Cats universe. There are reasons why she's locked her memories up in the bottom drawer, but with Castle as her partner, things don't seem quite so impossible anymore. He'd have her out of his system by the time it was all over with.' A roughly season 8 inspired AU. This is not a continuous story, but a collection of Castle fics I've written from prompts. I hope y'all continue to enjoy these stories."God, what the hell had she been thinking? Castle saw the twinkling diamonds and a chip of ice melted inside his heart.

Now she's in hot pursuit of those responsible, while also dodging investigative journalist Rick Castle in search of his next story. Together navigating the ups and downs of a new relationship and expectant parenthood."What's in a name? Cold Cases: A Solid Ground Companion (complete) - A series of little vignettes of how the members of the 12th Precinct are coping with the disappearance of Detective Kate Beckett and Mr. Takes place concurrently with Ch 18 of SOLID GROUND.3. Everything happened the same, minus Castle's involvement.1. By popular request, how Beckett became a shapeshifter and what happened thereafter. With a bit of luck, that'll last till puberty." Cool for Cats universe."So let me get this straight, if you had the chance to be a shapeshifter you'd take it? He can easily handle two babies." The giant O'Leary babysits the Castle twins. " When Castle successfully meddles his way into Kate's past, he uncovers a secret that could break her. "'Kate Beckett may have slid beneath his skin, threaded herself through his veins and leaked into his bloodstream, but maybe it was a good thing, for now, for the sake of the mission. Thank you for all the prompts, for reading, and all the feedback. His grip tightens on her shoulder and he tugs, pulls her into the wall of his chest. The row of diamonds exploded in a shower of color, radiant as a firework display.

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Reflections - Just something I thought would be interesting. A Love That Transcends Time - Verna and Warren's night together. The 12 Days of Confessor Day - The 12 Days of Christmas - Seeker style. Prompt fill from castlefanficprompts prompt: “Write a smut fic using only dialogue.”11. Must Be The Genes - "Hey, if you guys have kids in a few years, and I have kids in a few years, they can grow up together." It was supposed to have been a joke... He'd joke that it's not a big deal, after all they have done it before, but they're both aware that it is, in fact, a big deal.

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