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United States Navy Beach Jumpers saw their initial action in Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.

Operating dozens of kilometers from the actual landing beaches and utilizing their deception equipment, the Beach Jumpers would lure the enemy into believing that theirs was the principal landing.

Fairbanks and Crawford married on June 3, 1929 at St. Fairbanks was only 19; Crawford was four years older.

They travelled to Britain on a delayed honeymoon, where he was entertained by Noël Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Beatrice Lillie, and Prince George, Duke of Kent.

He appeared in some TV movies and TV series, including The Love Boat. He was the subject of This Is Your Life in 1989 when he was surprised by Michael Aspel.

His first notable relationship was with the actress Joan Crawford, whom he began to date seriously during the filming of Our Modern Maidens.

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  1. One was about a woman who ran an inn in a former bordello, who impulsively married a man 10 years before who comes back to their hometown and doesn't know they're still married..sequel is about a wealthy man's daughter who was kidnapped and a widower whose wife was also kidnapped and murdered. She is an actress with a bad temper who gets thrown off a set and has nowhere to go. She takes too long getting ready in the mornings so he asks what all her bottles and cosmetics are for then throws away everything but the basics. She goes from being a total b*t*h to being a rather nice person.