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This system stabilized our society and created the environment for the free market system to flourish.Common wisdom would have predicted a Democratic victory.On some issues they are liberal and on some issues they are conservative.Only the extremes on both ends are all liberal or all conservative.

This quote popped up in my email after the presidential election.

These issues are the social well being of the citizenry and the economic well being of the nation.

The first feeds our souls and the other feeds our bodies. The needs which reflect the well-being of our country swings back and forth between the left (liberal needs) and the right (conservative needs).

It got me thinking about the “mandate” that President Bush said he had just gotten from the American people.

Nothing is new about politicians giving lip service to issues in order to get elected and then ignoring those issues and the people who voted for them.

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American democracy works because it’s a system of checks and balances, which are protected by the constitution and its amendments.

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