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You've got to focus on your marriage and not distract yourself. This isn't 2008, when people still had patience for poor, passive Bella, the indecisive girl who couldn't decide whether she should lose her virginity to Jacob or Edward. So, when he stays the night at your friend's house, make sure you two are sharing a room. But now it's been a year since I dumped my ex and I haven't even come close finding a new guy.

So, before you do anything else, tell your husband how you're feeling: Don't let quiet resentment gnaw away at your relationship from the inside. Since you are distraught, I'd recommend that you cut him out of your life until you know what you want. This is 2014: Jennifer Lawrence is killing dudes in with a bow and arrow like she's the Greek goddess Artemis (or Rambo). I'm the kind of girl who loves being in a relationship, but where can I meet a guy when I spend all my time at work or with my son?

Now, I am in a confused state of mind and have started avoiding my wife.

My wife has a sick mind and I want to get rid of her sooner or later. - By Anonymous Answer by Anuja Shah: I am sure the state of confusion and uncertainty is making you very frustrated.

I've been married for a year, but with my husband for almost five years all together.

We only slept together twice but never actually dated. I love my husband dearly, but I honestly feel bored with our relationship. There's often a lull, right after the excitement of the engagement and the thrill of the wedding, when the honeymoon period peters out and two new spouses suddenly realize that they're not newlyweds anymore: They're just another married couple, sitting in another living room, playing Candy Crush on separate phones.

While talking to this guy, I felt giddy and all my previous feelings resurfaced. And since you were together for four years before the wedding, I'm sure you have those days when you think that the wedding didn't change much: that you are, in some sense, right back where you started.

There's nothing wrong with a little flirting: Everyone flirts a little. But you have to know your limits (and your partner's limits), and right now, you seem dangerously confused. You say you love him dearly, so if you do, do not strike up some ill-conceived affair. Two years ago I had a beautiful baby boy with a guy that I definitely shouldn't have been with in the first place.

It's one thing to flirt harmlessly when you know it's not going anywhere, but you're playing with fire when you're unhappy in your marriage and don't know what you want. It's only been a year since you took your vows, so it's too early to get complacent, and it's too early to become fatalistically convinced that nothing is ever going to change. And you know that the only way to move this out of the friend zone is to kiss him. After taking a lot of crap from him, I finally gave him the boot, but now I am a single mom working a full-time job and depending on my parents for babysitting and a free place to stay.

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You are unsure of what could she be feeling and the extent to which she is willing to leave her family for you.

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