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John Preston–is feeling a bit unsettled in her settled, married life, wondering “what happens after you say ‘I do.'” And because Carrie is also a writer, she has even gone so far as to express her feelings about the idea of marriage in her new book, , a collection of comic essays in which she lampoons the idea of traditional wedding vows.“Carrie has spent her career writing about being single, and for the first time she’s writing about a different topic, being married,” Parker observes.“In the first movie, I really wanted people to believe that Mr.Big finally understood the jewel that he had almost lost by jilting Carrie at the altar, so the end of that movie was deeply romantic, a much-earned ‘happy ending’ for this well-deserving couple.But that’s what movies have always done–allow us to escape for a couple of hours and live vicariously through beautiful people in a glamorous world where we might otherwise never have an opportunity to go.” In bringing “Sex and the City,” in any incarnation, to the screen, King, Parker and the rest of the filmmakers and cast felt a great sense of responsibility to their characters, especially Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, because each of the women is reflected somewhere in the audience.Therefore, in “Sex and the City 2,” even though they vacate their daily lives and take an exhilarating romp in a stunning locale, the women continue to face very human, true-to-life concerns, as voiced by the ever-questioning chronicler, Carrie.“When the first movie opened,” recalls writer/producer/director Michael Patrick King, “I would see lines of women at the theaters all dressed up as if they were going to a party, not just a movie.

“These four women are not traditional and never have been.So we gave a lot of thought as to how we’d take them into the next phase, two years down the road.” Despite the resolution of the first film’s major plotlines, there remains plenty to say about these four women and the loves in their lives.Producer John Melfi offers, “It’s exciting to go to the next chapter, to see what happens next.” As King began to reflect on how far the characters have come, and to explore where they might be after we last saw them two years ago, a theme began to emerge: tradition.She’s been married for a very short time and she’s not quite wearing it as comfortably as she wants to.” “The exciting thing for me when I was writing the Carrie and Mr.Big storyline for this film was to try to figure out what the concept of ‘happily ever after’ might mean to them today, after their passionate, dramatic and mostly turbulent courtship of the past 10 years,” says King.

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And for an ‘out-on-the-town kinda girl’ like Carrie, it’s a ‘Big’ change.

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