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Just if they didn't replacing eunjae character and just makes a story about how eunjae left the house and get replaced by another girl. I like previous Eun Jae, she makes the character look so innonce. Eun Jae stupidity character makes Ji won & Sungmin love story more stand out.

Love Yoon sunbae, she becomes prettier, so cute with the aegyo.

Its very unique and has so many genres/style incorporated in it, and have great life lessons and meanings in every episode.

Also, in a way, this drama is kinda feminist haha, which is great~ Empowerment to the females!

I like how this drama isn't a romantic comedy drama.

I like how the first season was a lot more relatable as a college student while this season was more dramatic. Eun jae character is quite annoying this time but on the other hand it's much better to be broken up, we can see the new kind of plot they get along still together the plot will be boring anyway. our senbae is the best This is the first time i left a comment about drama that i ever watched : D.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as the first season. song ji won's character will death :( Ji won and sung min please be together in the final episode! They should at least kiss once, or ge should confess to her! But the problem is Jiwon :'( she shouldn't face that kind of problem sob sob this make me hurt enough. and i just wanna say i love this drama since season 1 : D..

- Why did Yoon Park only appeared on the finale episode??? People gotta understand the underlying message in this drama. If you've been watching the drama, there hasn't been many kiss scenes between females/males - their partners.

See, this drama focuses on the lives of 5-6 females. That is what makes this drama unique - it focuses on REAL storyline and character development - NOT some cliche relationships and romance where females getting sweeped off their feet by guys.

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