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The Bible clearly indicates that the distinguishing mark of Christian believers is the quality of their human relationships in the church and in the family.

It is in the spirit of Christ to love and accept, to seek to affirm and build others up, rather than to abuse or tear one another down.

Family violence manifests itself in a number of ways.

For example, it may be a physical attack on one's spouse.

There is no room among Christ's followers for tyrannical control and the abuse of power or authority.

Motivated by their love for Christ, His disciples are called to show respect and concern for the welfare of others, to accept males and females as equals, and to acknowledge that every person has a right to respect and dignity.

Leaders of these departments have contributed to recent endnow Emphasis Day resource packets.

Archive link 2002-present resource packets News on this issue is everywhere, in the news, on the TV, the radio and the internet.It includes behavior such as incest and the mistreatment or neglect of underage children by a parent or another guardian that results in injury or harm.Violence against the elderly may be seen in physical, psychological, sexual, verbal, material, and medical abuse or neglect.Failure to relate to others in this way violates their personhood and devalues human beings created and redeemed by God.The apostle Paul refers to the church as ‘‘the household of faith'' which functions as an extended family, offering acceptance, understanding, and comfort to all, especially to those who are hurting or disadvantaged.

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It occurs between individuals of all ages and nationalities, at all socioeconomic levels, and in families from all types of religious and non-religious backgrounds.

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