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Madden NFL Football 06 Manual Roster Update by Lo Bo Khan This FAQ is intended to players without a network adapter, or any way to download a roster update easily, and have to manualy change the roster by hand. All information is from NFL.com, (the original version of the Madden roster I worked from), or the particular NFL Team website that the player pertains to. So what I did was cut someone to make room if the player was worth it, or simply ignored the signing if the player was not, this is all noted after the signing.Players that have signed, were picked up off waivers, have been re-signed, etc.. Similarly, EVERYONE that is in he game is listed if their information is wrong.Please do not redistribute without proper credit given to myself and to the PS3 roster team.Obligatory Preview Video https:// ELGBWi_s Installation: Zip file includes MAX file for Action Replay MAX Drive, and PSU file for Free Mc Boot/u Launch ELF. Created a link for the first posting of the 2012 rosters. Created a page for Puja's attribute charts (from way back).1.A note to this is that I've included CAPs for Ricky Williams, and Matt Cassel. Hand: TC RB Glove Attributes: Overall 87 Speed: 89 Strength: 73 Awareness: 90 Agility: 84 Accel: 92 Catching: 70 Carrying: 75 Jumping: 77 Brk Tackle: 89 Tackle: 12 Throw Power: 37 Throw Accuracy: 21 Pass Block: 47 Run Block: 42 Kicking Power: 15 Kicking Accuracy: 34 Kick Return: 15 Stamina: 87 Injury: 82 Toughness: 72 Information: To make Matt Cassel, cut FS Guss Scott.The fasted way to update your roster with this list is to go through and cut everyone you can. Mc Quarters to #31 sign LG #68 Rob Murphy from FA change LG #68 Rob Murphy to #61 change LE #78 Cory Redding to DT because of Roster Minimums Packers change SS #36 Nick Collins to FS change FS #29 Todd Franz to SS cut SS #35 Arturo Freeman cut MLB #51 John Garrett change RE #94 Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila to MLB change DT #77 Cullen Jenkins to RE should change LG #70 Adrian Klemm to T but due to Roster Minimums you can't change LE #98 Kenny Peterson to DT because of Roster Minimums change SS #23 Mark Roman to #20 Panthers change P #6 Jason Baker to #7 sign DT #73 Eddie Freeman from FA change DT #73 Eddie Freeman to #65 change DT #73 Eddie Freeman to LE sign WR #87 Rod Gardner from Reskins change HB #37 Nick Goings to FB cut TE #85 Freddie Jones change LG #61 Dave Kadela to C because of Roster Minimums change RG #73 Evan Mathis to LG change RG #73 Evan Mathis to #71 change SS #27 Marlon Mc Cree to FS cut C #72 Bruce Nelson sign RT #56 Tupe Peko from FA change RT #56 Tupe Peko to #62 change RT #56 Tupe Peko to RG should sign DT #62 Cleveland Pinkney from FA but there's no Roster Space Patriots change DT #96 Rodney Bailey to DE because of Roster Minimums sign MLB #54 Tedy Bruschi from FA, he's on IR. Slaughter to #96 should change FS #24 Dwight Smith to SS but due to Roster Minimums you can't change DT #98 Willie Whitehead to LE sign P #6 Rodney Williams from FA change CB #23 Jimmy Williams to #28 Seahawks cut ROLB #50 Solomon Bates sign HB #30 Dante Brown from FA change HB #30 Dante Brown to #29 change DT #92 Chartric Darby to #91 change CB #22 Andre Dyson to #21 sign P #10 Filip Filipovic from FA to make Roster Minimum change LE #91 Bryce Fisher to #94 cut P #9 Donnie Jones to Dolphins should sign RG #65 Andy King from FA but there's no Roster Space change LT #75 Sean Locklear to LG sign FS #25 Omare Lowe from FA change FS #25 Omare Lowe to #41 change FS #25 Omare Lowe to CB sign RG #70 Matt Miller from Chiefs change RG #70 Matt Miller to LT should sign DT #62 Cleveland Pinkney from Panthers but there's no Roster Space, so Cut him cut CB #42 Kris Richard to Dolphins change LOLB #55 Jamie Sharper to MLB sign WR #83 Bobby Shaw from FA change WR #83 Bobby Shaw to #81 cut LG #70 Jerry Wunsch due to Roster Limits, he's also on IR, if anyone knows how to put someone on IR please let me know.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. This is used to transfer the roster file from your computer to your PS2.

It is impossible to sign everyone you’re supposed to because this list is for the rosters at the START of the preseason, there are still practice squad guys on the roster, as well as rookies trying to make the cut in some cases.

Even if there is no room for them on the roster, I've listed where they belong, in case anyone has a certain player they want to make room for on their roster.

on the site, on the right side, you will see a blue bar that reads: PS2/3 Rosters Site Click here!

Once you have clicked the blue bar, you should be on another page.

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