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Newcastle research continues to have impact in this area.The Department for Transport's (Df T) online resource states that the Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG) research (1,3).

The model has dominated the terms of UK policy discussion in areas in which safety is a central concern.Revisions were made in 2011 and the WTP model remains a key part of this document. Government departments' use of the values of risks to life and health in their appraisals can be found in a 2008 report to the Inter-departmental Group on Value of Life and Health.This includes a number of references to the use of Newcastle research in policy-making: DEFRA's use of Chilton . In addition, the Department of Communities and Local Government's (DCLG) review of building regulations in 2010 calculated the quality adjusted life year using the Newcastle model.This approach begins from the premise that it is not possible to prevent every accident or save every life, and that therefore statistical analysis should be used to calculate the value of reducing the average number of deaths.The use of the WTP measure represents a significant advance on earlier methods, which were based solely on estimates of the loss of economic output resulting from the death or injury of a person.

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