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There are many translational biomarkers used in the study of toxins that plays a crucial role in the toxicity prediction.

Personalized Medicine is commonly known for its use of genomic information in addition to the family history, environmental factors and lifestyle to manage the health.

Accurate predictions can be made about a person’s susceptibility to develop a disease, the course of disease and to respond to the treatment.

Personalized Medicine is a new field of research and evidence based literature is required for integrating into healthcare delivery.

The Journal of Translational Medicine opens a new Section of to bridge identification and validation of gene or protein-based biomarkers, network biomarkers, dynamic network biomarkers in human diseases, patient phenotypes, and clinical applications.

Biomarkers are used for the prediction of Toxicity because these biomarkers act as an indicator when there is a toxic response that takes place in the system.

Many qualified biomarkers are being used to predict and detect the toxic reactions that occur in the body.

Study design and statistical analysis forbiomarker research incorporates various tools from bioinformatics.

It furtherinvolves patient segmentation and stratification by successful integration ofdiagnostic tools and clinical data annotation inclusive of classificationdistribution metrics and pattern recognition.

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The patient is tested for Molecular Biomarkers in the genome and genetic testing is done. The global cancer biomarkers market has experienced substantial growth over the last couple of years.

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