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The Nellie’s crew sponsors various teams in the DC leagues (kickball, women’s rugby, crew, running, baseball, skiing, basketball, and so many others).

If you’re a sporty girl that wants to get involved in LGBT sporty events in DC, Nellie’s is your first stop for all these things.

I think the club “Babylon” in Queer as Folk might have been inspired by Town. ) If you’re lucky enough to snag the front window seats there’s great people watching. 9 has no dress code, no cover and happy hour every day, including Saturday and Sunday. A last word about these bars: I say they’re lesbian-friendly, but it’s worth pointing out that my experiences can’t speak for everyone’s.

Town’s got yummy drinks with crushed ice and some good drag shows, too. I’m a bold person and relatively unbothered to be in a bar that’s mostly or only boys, but that’s not for everyone.

600 women in the same room in the same place, suddenly all together instead of all spread apart, suddenly waiting in line to even fit inside of a space, suddenly in a formidable group, suddenly so big and invincible – that’s power.” I foresee the new Phase starting a positive feedback cycle of girl-on-girl events attended by girls who want more events, who get more events, until all of a sudden it’s like a giant glitterbomb went off over Dupont Circle and we’re all happier than kittens in a field of flowers. Or, as a friend said over Gchat: friend: God there is a total lack of lezzie bars in this city me: yes there are friend: and even the new phase is going to have boys nights It’s boys night every night in dc NOT FAIR!!

But if you wanna meet a girl, you can’t ask for a better venue. REX at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room Every second Friday of the month is a rock n’ roll ladies’ dance party at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room at Columbia and Ontario Streets NW sponsored by SHE. ), bartenders and cheap beer specials, and there is a pool room in the back of the bar if you don’t feel like dancing.The first thing you should know is that there’s heaps of gay bars for men and not so much for women.Our lack-of-dedicated-barspace is a sore subject/point of contention amongst DC lesbians.Some of the commenters on Carmen’s post said it’s not a great place to be if you don’t appear obviously gay.Basically, Phase is great, especially because of its history and Jell-O wrestling, but not an ideal locale for fans of pop music and a clubby atmosphere.

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But, unlike New Year’s Eve, the ladies’ nights in DC are NEVER a letdown and you should really go. The Ladies of LURe Present Ladies’ Night at Cobalt On the third Saturday of every month, the ladies of LURe host a girls’ night called BARE at Cobalt.

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