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“Concerned furries have started this fundraiser to help the Twin ‘W’ Rescue Squad, which used to host the NJ Fur BQ, recover some of the funds that were lost during some recent unfortunate events,” the website read.According to posts by “Tony Ringtail,” the party organizer, the barbecue itself raised 0 for the squad.A link from Ringtail’s online profile points to a defunct website that was registered to Anthony Bianca, according to a registration record. Tony Bianca, a member and administrator at the Twin W, did not return a phone message seeking comment.[UPDATE 10/23/17] Since the initial allegations for sexual assault, Neo GAF owner Tyler Malka has issued a statement to Vice Waypoint regarding Ima Leupp saying the film director is “a deeply disturbed, malicious individual” and that she had “two separate public mental breakdowns” during an E3 trip when they no longer dated each other.

Leahy promised the barbecue would never take place there again, township attorney Mike Herbert said.

Neo GAF is functional and its content restored, however, all the moderation staff have resigned and Malka has resorted to using “Modbot” to hide the number of moderators, if any, have returned to the site.

The reason is to protect the identities of the moderators, as Malka claims the community has become too toxic for them to publicly be known as moderators.

The event was a summertime gathering for “furries,” people who like to dress in what they call “fur suits,” animal costumes that look similar to sporting mascots.

The furry culture includes artists and writers who focus on anthropomorphic animals as their subjects and discuss them online.

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“This Facebook post allegation she posted a few days ago is the story she first invented for startlingly petty and malicious reasons during that whole love triangle situation years ago,” he said.

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