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The actor, who played Uncle Joey on that series, wed longtime girlfriend Melissa Bring on Wednesday, People magazine reported.

Thanks to Instagram, we know that "Full House" stars Candace Cameron Bure, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Andrea Barber were present for the nuptials, as was the show's creator, Jeff Franklin. Candid snaps show the friends hanging out, with one photo catching John Stamos inexplicably carrying a large wooden bench.

"Fuller House" is back for a third season and it will coincidentally premiere today, Friday, September 22nd, 30 years to the date of the original "Full House" premiere back in 1987.

Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and Dave Coulier stopped by BUILD Series for a wholesome discussion about the original hit series turning the big 3-0 plus a taste of what's expected in season 3 of "Fuller House."Saget felt humbled to be a part of such an iconic TV show, citing it to be "a real honor to be a part of something that people love and have been touched by it for so many years.""To be able to do this 30 years later and have "Fuller House" to be such a success and to do it with people that we love and to really have so much fun with it and create a whole new generation of fans, it's really been a huge compliment and a huge testament to the show we created 30 years ago.

He has worked as a writer-producer on The CW's "90210," as well.

(CNN) -- It was almost a "Full House" when Dave Coulier got married in Montana.

We heard details about their lives in passing, but didn’t see much play out in the episodes. And he already knows who he wants to play his wife.

It turns out, the cast is already brainstorming things they could bring into the next season. “We were all joking about who it could be because [Joey lives] in Vegas now. You know, would it have been like Elizabeth Berkley?

After playing Danny Tanner, Bob Saget channeled another widowed father on "Raising Dad." He hosted "America's Funniest Home Videos" and showed off his R-rated sense of humor in 2005's "The Aristocrats." Saget currently narrates CBS's "How I Met Your Mother."After playing Stephanie, Jodie Sweetin appeared on "Party of Five" and "Yes, Dear." She hosted 2007's "Pants-Off Dance-Off," starred in 2008's "Small Bits of Happiness" and detailed her struggle with addiction in her 2010 memoir "un Sweetened."Dave Coulier produced and starred in "Can't Get Arrested" and hosted "Animal Kidding" after playing Joey Gladstone.

Coulier and Bring announced their engagement in June, and Coulier told Us Weekly magazine that "Melissa has been my best friend since I met her nine years ago." "I feel like the luckiest man on the planet," said the actor, who also does stand-up and voice-over work.

We laughed when the cast made friendly digs at the Olsen twins, reminisced about life in the ’90s and reveled in the many callbacks the new series made to the original.

The item, in came out in ’95, when she was 21, and they had, clearly, already broken up.

I’m going to give Coulier the benefit of the doubt and say that he did not sleep with an underage Morissette, but he definitely slept with an almost underage Morissette. Look, whatever Dave Coulier wants to do in his bedroom is his own business, but this whole revelation is like walking in on your parents having sex.

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He appeared on "The Surreal Life" in 2004 and laced up his skates to compete on 2006's "Skating with Celebrities." He married girlfriend Melissa Bring in Montana in June 2014.

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