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Will jerks at the touch, and then laughs at himself. Ben just says, "I think I do," and Will wraps his arms around him tightly, holding him close. It never gets particularly serious -- just slipping off to each other's trailers at first, then into each other's hotel rooms. A bit of a tease, sometimes a little detached when they're around everyone else, but otherwise perfect.

Will is falling harder by the day, oblivious to almost everything else. Skandar is acting weird, ignoring him half the time and being glued to his side the rest of the time.

He shrugs, mumbles something about being glad it's over, and she places her hands on his waist. He tells her how incredible it was to work with such an amazing actress in his first proper film, and she laughs at him."Oh, you are sweet," she smiles, shaking her head. He has no idea what he's even saying, because all he can think about is the fact that they're alone in a hotel room together, sitting on a bed. He doesn't even know why, maybe just because she's so amazing, and knowing that she's thinking of him that way has made his brain stop working. He doesn't even understand right away, all he knows is that when Ben's around he can't stop talking, and he gets all shaky and clumsy and, well, throws orange juice everywhere.

It's after one of these times, when they're sitting in her living room watching a double-bill of Friends, that it happens."My Mum keeps saying you'd make the perfect boyfriend," Anna says. "She's attractive and all, but I think that might be a little awkward."Anna hits him. She pauses, putting the TV on mute, and then takes a deep breath. It's not that he doesn't like her, because he does, a lot. The girls were pushed up to him by giggling groups of friends to ask him out, and he just blushed and said 'okay' because he didn't know what else to do.

When the first film released, Georgie was only 10 years old.

Now, 10-years-later Georgie proved how much a person can grow up in a decade.

And it'll all be fine, because they're best friends, and they love each other. Both blushing and stammering apologies, they say goodbye, and Will stumbles down the driveway feeling ridiculous. They don't really stay in touch when Will goes back to Gloucestershire.

When he turns around and kisses her, their teeth clack because she's caught off guard, but after a moment they figure things out, and then it's really rather nice actually. He gets the impression that her parents are mad at him, like they think he broke her heart, which is ridiculous.

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Like when she holds his hand at the British Independent Film Awards.

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