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The programs are structured on the idea of muscle confusion. Muscle confusion and periodization training—they’re just variety in fitness. And variety in training will lead to ­better performance?

For , I spent a year talking to experts and came away thinking that people struggle because they’re doing these quasi-myopic exercise routines. If you’re skiing down a couloir and the pitch is 40 degrees, and you get kicked off because you hit some slough, you need balance and power to pull it back in and save your ass. I’m a 53-year-old skier, so I’m always working on strength, flexibility, and balance, because typically all of those things go south in guys my age.

Though this date doesn’t mean that the book was published at the same time, it can certainly be a good clue. I have an undated two-volume history of the French Revolution, which also give a year-by-year account the years afterward.

The last year mentioned is 1882, and the author says something like “Well, this brings us up to date, and our journey together must end here.” So, I know the book must have been finished in 1882, and probably published circa 1882 or 1883.

Introductions, forewords, and afterwords may include dates.

Check the end of each, as some authors include a date after their name here.

For instance, Doubleday has been in business since 1897 but has only been calling itself “Doubleday & Co.” since 1946. One helpful site I’ve found which presents this type of information is Newport Vintage Books Publishers Histories. Sometimes other books are advertised in the back pages of 19th & early-20th century books.

Many library catalogs are available for search online, and this might turn up a helpful bibliography.

You might also research the publisher to see what dates they were in business, and at what locations.

Many reprint publishers did not include dates, either. Some are available online; others will be accessible through your local library.

I have found that university libraries sometimes own bibliographies and other reference materials that city or regional libraries don’t (and vice versa).

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