Www psychic dating com advice on dating someone whos divorced

Reply I received ridiculously strong chills while reading into astrology this evening on another site.

Upon realizing a date that was in the reading was absolutely in sync with a past date that related to my life Goal and passion, my body had a huge rush of positive vibrating energy. It’s almost like a rollercoaster feeling without the sickness and with good good vibration instead.

As a child I was very sensitive to spirits- staying in old homes I could often see/feel what happened there and this scared me.

I have been able to feel this sensation for as long as i can remember, even as a child.

I am wondering if it was my sister trying to tell me something?

Reply yes i meditate and think good thoughts and get showered by chills starts from head all over body into my feet more than once feels damn good brah, kinda weird tho but kinda obvious it means something cus i only get them when thinking good stuff in meditation Reply I had A strange experience today, I was driving home and speaking to a friend about my best mate taken from me in a motorcycle accident 47 years ago when we were 16.

However, I do recommend learning basic psychic protection- surrounding yourself and your energy with golden light!

I share exactly how to do this here: Creating a Psychic Shield with Golden Light and Help from Archangel Michael: Reply I know that feeling, I have, for so long, had this “ability” to feel or see things others couldn’t. If it does not feel right or it just feels bad, its a demon, and if you feel safe, it is an angel.

Every time we talk about it my friend gets chills and starts to cry.

We are trying to figure out if he is telling us he did not want the divorce or not.

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